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  • Официальные ресурсы
    • The Burnt World of Athas

      Официально признанный визардами сайт по сеттингу Dark Sun, теперь и по редакции 3,5.

      Заметьте, что правила, представленные на сайте The Burnt World of Athas (Athas.org) НЕ согласованы и НЕ совместимы с правилами, приведенными Paizo в журналах Dragon и Dungeon. Также, из-за уникальной ситуации, сложившейся с переводом сеттинга в редакции 3/3.5, оба варианта (вариант Athas.org и вариант Paizo) считаются официальными. Кроме простого перевода старых изданий по Dark Sun’у в редакцию 3.5, Athas.org также обладает лицензией на издание двух книг, которые до этого не издавались (существовали только их предварительные версии, которые так и не были закончены до закрытия сеттинга) TSR - Dregoth Ascending и Secrets of the Dead Lands. Обе книги переведены в новую редакцию правил и существуют версии книг для плэйтестинга. На сайте Athas.org также ведутся работы над правилами по эпике для сеттинга, которые включают в себя правила по трансформации персонажа в Athas’ианского Дракона(но не ограничиваются ими).

    • The Wizards.COMmunity Dark Sun forum

      официальный форум по Dark Sun’у.

    • Wizards of the Coast

      Официальная страница продуктов Dark Sun 4 редакции на странице производителя.

  • Неофициальные ресурсы
    • Obsidian Portal

      Dark Sun 4ed campaign

    • The Athasian Elf

      "They run across the burning plains where others fear to walk. They live for the moment, these savages of a dying world. The elves of Athas are wild, dangerous, and unlike any other elves."

      The moment I read these words on the back of the "Elves of Athas" Dark Sun accessory, by Bill Slavicsek, I understood I had a new favorite race. The Athasian Elf is a splendid adaptation of that classic Dungeons & Dragons race, and to me it is truly the best role-playing race of the Dark Sun setting.

    • The Dark Sun Academy

      Welcome, Athasian traveler to the new and improved Dark Sun Academy. I am Angus Anser and have traveled the wastes, collecting Athasian knowledge since the world was new. As I got more settled in my ways I decided top open up my collected knowledge to the masses. And here you are (I hope).

    • The City of Silt

      Welcome to Balic, a city in the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Unlike most other city states, Balic is not ruled by a sorcerer king. It is unique in the fact that Balic in controlled completely by merchants - the Houses of Wavir, Rees, and Tomblador. How closely Balic resembles the old Balic, the one controlled by Andropinis, depends on which part of the city you enter.

    • FreeDOM!

      This website is dedicated to providing material for the officially abandoned (in print), but also officially continued (releases on the net by athas.org) DARK SUN world. Here you will not find any official material (apart from a few hosted bits and bobs), but lots of potentially useful and/or inspiring stuff for different styles of DARK SUN campaigns.

    • The Silt Skimmer

      Welcome to all web surfers worried about finding information about the wonderful world of DARKSUN AD&D sec. ed. Rare are the Darksun webpages with both an english, and a french side. But here you are, you found one.

    • Rays of Life & Death

      I am a member of the Official Dark Sun web site design team. The work contained in this web site does not reflect the opinions or work of that group. All work done for the official web site will be posted on the official web site.

    • Crimson Shadows

      Site underoing reconstruction (from 15.07.2005). This site is primarily dedicated to the world of DarkSun, my favourite rpg world. Where DarkSun ideas are presented they are designed to work with D&D v3.5 rules.

    • Dark Sun Brasil

      O projeto Dark Sun Brasil nasceu em 2003 como um braço tupiniquim do athas.org, se tornando o site oficial de Dark Sun em português com o objetivo de trazer ao público brasileiro material oficial para os fãs do cenário que não dominam o inglês.

    • The Dragon’s Sanctum (недоступен)

      Welcome to the new home for the Dragon’s Sanctum! I resisted moving the site as long as I could, but the time had come to ditch GeoCities! I never did like all their popup adds anyway. It was always an uneasy alliance, but when Yahoo took over it got worse. Basically, the last straw came when I went to ftp into my site and I was denied. I quickly learned that GeoCities now only allows ftp access to their paying customers. So...since my ISP gives me enough webspace for free--and allows ftp access (which should be an inalienable right)--I moved everything over from GeoCities (including the rather stagnant Undead of Athas pages).

    • Ur-Braxa

      Dark Sun was originally designed for experienced gamers, and was set up to use all of the AD&D "optional" combat rules. Unfortunately, this is one of the many characteristics that the later Dark Sun designers decided to part with. TSR’s excellent supplements such as Combat & Tactics, Skills & Powers, and Spells & Magic, sailed past the Dark Sun design. Clearly there was a demand for the integration, since for a couple years, supplement-DS integration was the subject of most Dragon articles that touched on Athas. The Dragon Annual # 1 is an excellent example. Unfortunately, these articles set out to integrate DS with C&T, or with S & P, but never both. It does not help that there are some inherent conflicts between C&T and S&P!

    • Mike’s Dark Sun Campaign

      The crimson sun blazes over the Sea of Silt, setting the eastern horizon ablaze. The sky above is cast into olive hues and the first furnace winds blow across the Balician peninsula. As the winds pick up, the dust rises in choking deadly clouds, threatening the life of anyone trapped outside unprepared.

    • World of Athas

      This website exists to offer material for the Dark Sun setting which is converted or created for the d20 system of roleplaying games. All that you find here is the result of my own unnofficial conversion, and all of it is made available for download.

    • Hugo’s Darksun site (недоступен)

      This site concerns my D&D 3rd ed. campaign - which is set in Dark Sun. I know about athas.org and the effort to convert Dark Sun to 3rd edition, but for now I’m doing it on my own. Why? Because I’ve got tons of 2nd ed. material I want to use, and I’m not at home in 3rd ed.

  • Изображения
    • Terese Nielsen

      Официальный художник сеттинга Dark Sun. С каких-то пор она стала стыдиться этого, и на ее сайте больше не показаны рисунки для ДаркСана.

    • Baxa

      Официальный художник сеттинга Dark Sun.

    • Brom

      Официальный художник сеттинга Dark Sun.

    • The Athasian Cartographer’s Guild

      Greetings! You have found the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild, hosted by daegmorgan.net. In time, we hope to make this into the site for all material regarding the mapping and exploration of Athas, but for the moment this site serves as the archive of Brian Sanchez’s excellent DarkSun maps.

      The Athasian Cartographers are a guild of freemen whose passion is mapping out the sands of Athas and uncovering the forgotten secrets and histories buried in the wastelands. The guild is beholden to no specific political power, neither Sorcerer King nor Merchant House, though individual members may be funded in their efforts by anyone. It is said that the Wanderer is a member of this organization (perhaps the most famous and widely traveled of them).

    • Tales of Dark Sun

      The art and other wonders of Athas, the world of the Dark Sun!

    • Ral of Tyr

      Отлично сделанная визуализация нескольких регионов.